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Metaphors for Dead Pianos
Metaphors for Dead Pianos. by Hugo Solis is a large scale project that I was recently involved with. The products of this project are on display at:

The 20 Years of Jóvenes Creadores, Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico City. November 28th 2009.

The Creación en Movimiento Show. ExConvento del Carmen, Guadalajara MX. September 26th 2009.

I assisted in the prototyping phase of these autonomous wireless pianos that react to the observer. My involvement centered around fabrication and materials issues with a lot of hours put into the milling of custom parts on a 3-axis CNC Mill. Please, see these photos of the installations provided by Hugo Solis.


I Have 3 Pairs of Pants With My Brother I Share. from Eric Thompson on Vimeo.

"I Have 3 Pairs of Pants With My Brother I Share." is a work commissioned by Alex OHGE of OHGE_LTD in Seattle, WA.
It consists of car parts, lumber, video screens, 3 channel underwater video, and 4 channel underwater audio.
It is like a submarine. I made this work in collaboration with Aubrey Birdwell. We had one month to make it, we did our best.
This was a group show with Stefan Moore also of Seattle. Magnolia Video provided the video screens.

Exhibition at OGHE Ltd Seattle, WA 7/2009 - 8/2009


We are discontinuous beings in search of a simulation of continuity to subdue our fear of separation. The American home provides protection through encapsulation. In travel and as a form of rogue property we often carry with us a semblance of the familiar den. The box with a locked door full of comforts for us alone. We carry this capsule to contain our individual and separate existences even amidst so many others. Safety and freedom in equally moderate amounts. We reject and embrace that we are free-floating and disconnected from everything around us. We are exclusively what everything else is not. We are all discretely concrete and temporary, and it bothers the hell out of us, doesn't it?

In space and temporal media, these pieces attempt to re-stage our memories of what American life has been through our eyes. Through cultural quotation we attempt to pry open the locked box and articulate the immense void of American culture.

- Eric Thompson and Aubrey Birdwell


Cleaning Out The Dead

"Cleaning Out The Dead" 5 channel audio, custom fluorescents, reel-to-reel tape machine

2008 DXARTS BFA Exhibition @ The Lawrimore Project 6/12/2008 - 6/22/2008


Wizard Fingers Plays Nice With Zeus' Beard. from Eric Thompson on Vimeo.

Autonomous Robotic Drums and Bar Chimes tracking Live Dancers in a Cacophony of Mayhem.

"Wizard Fingers Plays Nice With Zeus' Beard"


Wizard Fingers from Eric Thompson on Vimeo.

The story of a young robotic instrument and his search for intelligence and friends of his own. Wizard Fingers has gone through many changes. The final synchronization with living dancers was probably the end of the experiment. Perhaps more can be learned...